Film License Management Service

Film License Management Service

Three Princes Cinema

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3Princes Cinema offer a Film License Management Service to assist customers source films and arrange licensing for your events.

This is a mandatory legal requirement for the majority of movie events.

 3Princes provide our customer using this service with a movie quick pick list, top seasonal movies list and online request form to assist choosing the right film for your event.

  • 3Princes will help you navigate licensing with film distributors for your favourite film.
  • Our goal is to make this management straight-forward.
  • 3Princes act as a one-stop shop to make organising your stress free and easy.
  • 3Princes provide you with an easy online form to guide you through the selection and booking process.
  • We can help you manage film licensing for both ticketed or free events
  • This is the fee for securing the licensing rights for your movie and sourcing the DVD.
  • 3Princes can also work with film distributors to seek approval for use of agreed movie images for your promotions.

Film Licensing Management Service Cost

  • The film licensing management service is paid to 3Princes as a surcharge added to your booking. i.e. The cost to arrange the license.
  • For customers booking one of package, we provide a 50% discount on this service. 

Film License Cost

  • The film license cost is paid via an invoice to the distributor sent directly to you. i.e. The cost of using the film.

How it works?

For Ticketed events, i.e. where you are selling tickets, you will required to estimate your estimated guests.

Film Distributor work on a combination of fixed fee per film or % of sales.

The film distributors request estimated total guests. They will specify a minimum fee for the use of the film license per movie. You receive this as a quote.

If your guest exceed your estimate, an agreed % of ticket sales will need to be paid.

For Free Events, i.e. where you are not selling ticket, only a set fee is generally required.

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