Event: Melbourne Quiz Saturday 29 August 6pm.

Welcome to the 3Princes - Melbourne Quiz


We will getting online for some fun on

Saturday 22 August 6pm-7.00pm+

Best to log in at 5.50-5.55pm 

Let's see who the Melbourne

Quiz Champion is going to be?

We will blast through 40+ questions and

have some laughs as well.

There are 2 easy steps to get onto the Quiz

Please bring 2 devices

STEP 1 - Join the Zoom Call.

Join Zoom Meeting

Bring your Ipad or laptop to log into the Zoom Call

< Zoom Call Details to be added later >


STEP 2: Browse to the Quiz Form.

 The Quiz Form link will be updated here

on Saturday before the Quiz

Click Here for the Quiz Form -> 

See you there



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