2 Dec 2020 Melb Uni Girl Power Christmas Quiz

Welcome to Melbourne Uni

Girl Power

Christmas Quiz

 Our fabulous Quiz Masters will be  your quiz host

We have built a special online event with a special Quiz

on Christmas & Holiday Season

Grab your friends and gather your team


Who will be the Quiz Champion?



We will getting online for some fun on

2 December 2020

Best to log in at 8pm

We will blast through 27+ questions and

have some laughs as well.


There are 4 easy steps

to get onto the Quiz


STEP 1: Get Ready.

 Bring 2x devices Ideally.

A laptop and an iPad / iPhone is a combination

- Download Zoom on your laptop before-hand

You will use the laptop 1 to watch the quiz

- On Device 2 (PC / Laptop or Ipad)

You will use this to complete the Quiz form


STEP 2 - Join the Zoom Call.


Join Zoom Meeting 

Zoom Call Details 

Melbourne Zoom Call


Big Tip. Never used Zoom Before?

Best to download  the Zoom App before the Quiz 

Zoom App for Ipad / Iphone Here

Zoom Download for PC / Android Here


STEP 3: Click onto Quiz Form.


Go to the Quiz Answer Form

 Click this link

Girl Power Christmas Quiz

 You will use this form to complete the Quiz Answer

 Big Tip. Fill out the answer following the Quiz Master