3Princes Outdoor and Indoor Cinema Hire Melbourne Film Festival Package

Film Festival Package - Multi Screen Events for >250-500+

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Outdoor Cinema and Projector Hire Melbourne -  Film Festival Package

3Princes can help you run your own mobilise Film Festival.

We can bring multi screen cinema setup to you.

Whether it’s a school or club fundraiser, an important business milestone, or a special occasion, 3Princes has the experience and "'make it happen" attitude to bring your event to life.

With your own 3Princes Event Manager  we can help setup your Film Festival event for success.

3Princes will help you create your own tailored Multi Screen Film Festival event experience:

  • We can help you with your event strategy
  • We help you design your movie event 
  • We can build your event plan
  • We can provide crowdfunding options using Pozible
  • We can provide ticketing and marketing solutions using TryBookings
  • We can help select the ideal movie for your audience
  • We can manage your movie licensing
  • We provide an end to end service from set-up to pack-up.
  • Our team roll in and roll out with our event trailer 
  • We deliver all equipment, set up, collapse, and pick up everything once you’re done.
  • We can value-add your event with unique gaming or virtual reality experience.
  • We can screen ads for sponsors or advertising 
  • We provide a micro-phone for speeches 
  • We can provide laptop for slide shows
  • We can provide pre-show entertainment with Kids YouTube clips 
  • We provide pre-show ambience music.
  • We help you manage a safe, fun and low risk event
  • Our Film Festival package includes 2x Mobile Cinemas
  • Screen 1: Outdoor 
    • 6 metre Super-large Tall inflatable screen with blower
    • Super Bright projector and DVD Player
    • 2 x 400-watt speakers stands, massive sub-woofer on and 4-channel Platinum mixer
    • All cabling, extension cords and power strips
  • Screen 2: Indoor / Outdoor 
    • Choice of 6 metre Rigid Screen screen or Inflatable 3 metre screen
    • Super Bright projector and DVD Player
    • 2 x 400-watt speakers on stands, woofer and 2-channel audio mixer
    • All cabling, extension cords and power strips
  • We have a film licensing management service to arrange movie selection and licensing with leading distributors for public screening from $55.00
  • Ask us about our event management services: we create an event and delivery plan, set fundraising timelines, provide funding or crowdfunding options and grant applications, and analyse event data and fundraising returns.
  • Browse outdoor and indoor cinema combinations in the picture below
  • 3Princes can create custom Film Festival Events starting from $2495

3Princes film Festival & event management Brings your event to life.

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