3Princes Outdoor and Indoor Cinema Hire Melbourne Red Carpet Package for Schools and Clubs

Red Carpet Package - 6 Metre Rigid Screen Indoor >50-250 guests

Three Princes Cinema

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Outdoor Cinema and Projector Hire Melbourne -  Red Carpet Package

3Princes deliver premium cinema equipment to your event.

We provide the latest, hi-tech inflatable or pull-up movie screens, digital projection and audio systems. 

Our service is safe, low-stress, and fun. All on our team have current Victorian Working

With Children Checks, and we’ll help you cover the requirements and licensing sorted to publicly screen all your favourite flicks.

Ideal for: School fundraisers, community events, sports clubs

Numbers: Up to 250 guests 

This package include

  • Professional Service before, during and after your event
  • 6 Metre Smart-fold Rigid Screen 
  • Super Bright Short Throw 3200+ Lumen projector
  • DVD Player
  • 2 x 400-watt speakers on stands
  • Powerful Surround Sound Sub Woofer
  • 4-channel Platinum Smart Box audio mixer (including wireless microphone)
  • Options to plug in laptops, TV, gaming and virtual reality experience
  • All electrical cabling, extension cords and power strips and safety covers.
  • 3-4 hours of onsite film/AV technician
  • Delivery
  • Set-up and pack-up
  • Insurances and working with children checks 
  • 3Princes provide a film licensing to help you select and source your favourite movie. 
  • We can provide party packs (popcorn, snacks, drinks etc)
  • We have a range of event equipment like marquees, BBQs or popcorn machines.

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