3 Princes of Serendipity

Who are the 3Princes?

A great and powerful king once lived in the country of Serendippo. 

He had three sons, who were known as the Three Princes of Serendip.

Fearing that his sons’ education may have been too sheltered, the king sent them away from his land.

 The Three Princes of Serendip is the ancient story about the brothers’ quest in their pursuit of knowledge.

On their adventures, the three princes by "accidents and sagacity" discern the nature of a lost camel.

They discover their logic and intelligence and overcome challenges with wit, wisdom, and persistence.

From their quest, serendipity was born. 

Serendipity is where you create "fortunate strokes of luck.

3Princes continues that quest.

We connect community with story.

We help you create serendipitous events

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