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Temple Brewery Sunday Movies Spring 2017

Temple Brewery invite you to Sunday Movie Sessions.

  • Settle in with Aussie Classic films
  • Sunday afternoons at Temple Brewery
  • Relax over burgers & beers with friends
  • We'll Press Play on your favourite Australian movie.
  • It is a great way to relax in Brunswick East with friends

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Temple Brewery Sunday Movie Sessions are viewing on Sunday over Spring.

Sessions FREE entry

It is first in, best dressed.


Level 1 (upstairs)

Temple Brewery

122 Weston St

Brunswick East Victoria 3057 Australia 

Phone: (03) 9380 8999

Web http://templebrewing.com.au/


Session Times 5 pm Spring Sundays, Upstairs in the function room. 

FREE entry

  • Session 1: Sunday 24 September 2017:The Castle. - Sorry you missed that one! 
  • Session 2: Sunday 1 October 2017: The Adventure of Priscilla Queen of the Desert 1994 (M)
  • Session 3: Sunday 8 October 2017:  Muriel's Wedding 1994 (M)
  • Session 4: Sunday 15 October 2017: Kath and Kimderella 2012 (PG)
  • Session 5: Sunday 22 October 2017: He Died with a Falafel in his hand 2001 MA
  • Session 6: Sunday 29 October 2017 5pm: Red Dog 2011 (PG)
  • Sessions 7-12  November- Mid December 2017

What is showing?

Sunday 24 September 2017 5pm

Session 1: Sunday 24 September 2017 5pm:

The Castle 1997

The Castle is a sweeping saga that takes the harsh Australian outback, the rugged characters of the ANZAC legend, the spirit of Banjo Patterson and ignores them in favour of a greyhound racing, tow-truck driver who never meant to be a hero. Since it's theatrical release The Castle has become an iconic Australian comedy with phrases such as "How's the serenity?", "This is going straight to the pool room" and "Tell him he's dreaming" now a part of Australian cultural lingo. (from promotional material)

Session 2: Sunday 1 October 2017 5pm:  

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert  1994

One of the most commercially successful Australian films of the nineties both locally and internationally, this road-movie comedy follows the adventures of three Sydney drag-queens who travel through the Australian outback to Alice Springs where they are booked to perform their cabaret act. On their journey across the desert in their bus 'Priscilla', they encounter both friendship and enmity from people in the small bush communities they pass through.

The film's humour derives mainly from the dissonance between familiar cultural and sexual stereotypes. Cliches of gay male and drag culture such as bitchy repartee and high camp are set against those that highlight the eccentric behaviours of rural Australian characters. Similarly, stereotypical images of the natural beauty of the outback landscape are juxtaposed against the lurid over-the-top outfits donned by the trio during their journey. This contrast re-works the familiar construction of the outback landscape in Australian cinema as a metaphor for national identity traits constructed in masculine terms. By promoting the mythology and showbiz glitz that surrounds such lifestyles and eliding the real struggles faced by transvestites and trans-sexuals to be fully accepted into society 'Priscilla' played a major role in bringing drag sub-cultures into the mainstream internationally.

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Session 3: Sunday 8 October 2017 5pm:

Muriel's Wedding 1994

Ill at ease with the social world of her female friends, eighteen year old Muriel (Toni Collete in her debut feature), leaves the beachside resort town where she grew up to pursue her obsession with having a dream wedding. Although she does eventually achieve her wish to be princess for a day she is forced to reconsider her priorities after her mother dies suddenly. The exuberant parody of the aspirations of middle-class Australia that initially sets the film's comedic tone is tempered later by a more sober examination of the dysfunctions of surburban family life and the nature of friendship. The film shared international commercial success and a soundtrack dominated by the seventies pop sounds of ABBA with 'The Adventures of Priscilla' also released in 1994.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/PLDcevp5w5o


Session 4: Sunday 15 October 2017 5pm:

Kath and Kimderella 2012

While buying a tube of Wart-off at the local chemist Kath enters a competition to visit the tiny kingdom of Papilloma on the heel of Italy. Needless to say she wins the competition and goes to Papilloma with Kim (who's just announced her divorce) and Sharon. On arrival in Papilloma the ladies are greeted with a run-down derelict town with no shopping centre. They seek refuge at the castle where the King takes a liking to Kath and invites them to stay as his guests. Surrounded by luxury, Kim finally feels at home and is determined to marry the King’s son.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/Jh5UHA1gPq0


Session 5: Sunday 22 October 2017: 

He Died with a Falafel in his hand 2001 MA: 5PM

If hell is other people, then...Danny is experiencing the torture of Hades over and over again. He has just moved into his 47th shared house, this time in Brisbane and the flatmates have not improved. One lives in a closet, another in a tent in the living room and, before Danny takes off for shared house no. 48 in Melbourne, he will have endured satanic worshippers, skinheads and the perennially ubiquitous cane toad. No wonder he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

That and being a budding writer with little future is enough to drive anyone over the edge. But being the complete masochist and serial house sharer that he is, Danny is going to subject himself to it over and over again: same nightmare, different location. It isn't pretty but it is hilarious - for us, anyway. From the acclaimed director of Dogs in Space, comes this 20/30 something housemate-from-hell tale starring Noah Taylor (Almost Famous; Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) and Sophie Lee (The Castle; Bootmen). Forget "Big Brother" and check out life in the real world with a bunch of nutters, psychos and occasional spunk, He Died with a Felafel in his Hand. 

Session 6: Sunday 29 October 2017 : 5PM

Red Dog 2011 (PG)

Red Dog lies in the public house in the mining town of Dampier on deaths door. The locals - mainly miners - gather round and reminisce on how he affected each of their lives and brought the people of Dampier together.

See you there!

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