About Us

Our 3Princes Founder loves nothing more than watching a good flick or shooting the breeze around an outdoor fire.

Paul is a seasoned community events manager with an ear for an interesting tale.

He will travel far to listen to a great story over a good cup of tea.

He loves working with you, listening to your ideas and successfully converting them into a great event.

He will help you move your event ideas into action.

This is why he’s been involved in community and non-profit events for over 15 years now:

This has included the management of Project Aid Incorporated (2004-2011), supporting multiple community projects with not for profits, schools, championing fund-raising strategy and events, managing For Good Purpose Projects LinkedIn group with > 10,000 member (2009-2017+) ; and serving as a former board member at Nurse and Midwifery Health Program NMHP (2015-2016) amongst others things. 

In the recent past, Paul has twice conceived and championed the Winter Solstice Festival 2016 in Brunswick, Victoria.

Starting with a Pozible crowdfunding campaign, Paul engaged the community by building excitement through the ‘C'mon Green Man - Light My Fire’ story, engaged sponsors, local musicians, fire-twirlers, artists and suppliers, and ultimately helped raise over 5 figures for the event in 4 hours.

So why 3Princes?

The long answer is that it developed naturally out of Paul’s considerable project & event management skills, his thirst for telling stories and passion around creating unique community events.

The culmination of serendipity and adventure.

And the short answer?

Basically, it’s a good yarn.

Press ‘play’ now